Born and raised in St Louis, MO, Ryan splits his time between traveling the world playing guitar in the platinum selling rock band Story of the Year and working as a professional photographer.

Over the past 15 years Ryan has visited all 50 states in the USA and over 30 countries. Enamored by the aesthetic wonder of these foreign places, he discovered a passion for photography and documenting his surroundings and experiences. When not on stage, Ryan spent his days wandering whatever city he woke up in with camera in hand, energized by the satisfaction of capturing a compelling image.

Over the years Ryan organically gravitated toward portraiture, teaching himself the intricacies of lighting & studio photography.

In 2013 Ryan turned his passion for photography into a 2nd career and began photographing other bands, models, athletes, and freelancing for publications, creative agencies, record labels, businesses, brands.

Today Ryan continues to focus his energy on photographing people, and is perhaps best known for his dramatic yet tasteful sports & adventure photography and environmental portraiture.

You can follow him on Instagram @IAmRyanPhillips or email him at RyanPhillipsSOTY@gmail.com.

Ryan Phillips

Photographer: St Louis MO / Planet Earth.

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